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Put your best foot and hand forward with our Mani & Pedi services! Enjoy our lines of non-toxic and eco-friendly nail products that will leave your nails looking and feeling beautiful.


An H-Circle Essential Service.

Trust us, you’ve never had a mani-pedi quite like this. Kick up those heels in a zero-gravity chair, add an eye pillow, blanket, and warm neck wrap, and let us go to town with a polish, buff, and shine. Open your eyes to find your digits made divine. Add noise canceling headphones and an aromatic steam wrap.

Standard Polish: Côte Nail Polish | Clean, Vegan, Cruelty-Free
Performance Polish: Dazzle Dry | Quick Dry, High-Performance Nail Care
Eco-Gel Polish: o Seaweed | Big 5-Free Gel Polish

Mani + Pedi
Standard: 80 mins | $110 | $79 H-Circle
Performance*: 90 mins | $120 | $89 H-Circle
Eco-Gel*: 95 mins | $139 | $108 H-Circle
*pricing reflects one set only

Mani Only
Standard: 40 mins | $45 | $39 H-Circle
Performance: 50 mins | $55 | $49 H-Circle
Eco-Gel: 55 mins | $74 | $68 H-Circle

Pedi Only
Standard: 50 mins | $70 | $49 H-Circle
Performance: 60 mins | $80 | $59 H-Circle
Eco-Gel: 65 mins | $99 | $78 H-Circle


It’s Just That. Epic.

Seasonal ingredients and a hand-crafted polish exfoliate hands and feet, deep hydration renews dry soles, and extra massage with hot stones make you oh-so grounded. Sparkly new nails (and bubbly) are the grand finale. It’s just that. Epic.

Standard Polish: Côte Nail Polish | Clean, Vegan, Cruelty-Free
Performance Polish: Dazzle Dry | Quick Dry, High-Performance Nail Care
Eco-Gel Polish: Bio Seaweed | Big 5-Free Gel Polish

Mani + Pedi
Standard: 115 mins | $140 | $109 H-Circle
Performance*: 125 mins | $150 | $119 H-Circle
Eco-Gel*: 130 mins | $169 | $138 H-Circle
*pricing reflects one set only

Mani Only
Standard: 55 mins | $65 | $59 H-Circle
Performance: 65 mins | $75 | $69 H-Circle
Eco-Gel: 70 mins | $94 | $88 H-Circle

Pedi Only
Standard: 70 mins | $90 | $69 H-Circle
Performance: 80 mins | $100 | $79 H-Circle
Eco-Gel: 85 mins | $119 | $98 H-Circle


In A Time Crunch?

Express nail services deliver exactly what you need in a shortened version of The One & Only. Choose from exfoliation and callus removal or massage.

Mani + Pedi
$80 | $64 H-Circle

Mani Only
$50 | $34 H-Circle

Pedi Only
$45 | $39 H-Circle


New Shade, Who Dis?

A no fuss, in and out option if you just want to change it up!

Polish Change
$20 | $15 H-Circle

Make It Yours

Elevate your experience with these upgrades to customize your journey and truly Make It Yours!

In Spa: Grab a Scoop Card at check-in to select your upgrade and notate your preferences

Call Ahead: Give us a ring prior to your service as additional time is needed for this upgrade

Warm Coco-Shea Butter Treatment, Mani OR Pedi $10 | Mani AND Pedi $15 | In Spa

All-natural, mineral oil-free alternative to paraffin, The warm coco-shea treatment blends hot stones and massage with Melted Cocoa and Shea Butter in a steam towel wrap. Delivers ultimate hydration for the tips, toes, or both.

Extremity Remedy - $10 | In Spa

Your therapist will spend some extra time and attention on your hands and/or feet.

( performance polish ) ADD-ON  - $10 | Call Ahead

Our Long-Wear Option! Dries in ten minutes, providing you hard-set manicures and pedicures. Its vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic formula promotes healthy nails by delivering nourishing substances like calcium, pro-vitamin B5, and hydrolyzed wheat protein.

( eco-gel ) ADD-ON - $29 | Call Ahead

Our Longer Wear Option! Dry instantly. Get your hands on longer, stronger color and superior shine. Our super-natural gel polish is Big-5 Free and protects the structure of the natural nail with 3x the wear of regular polish. Please give us a heads up if current gels will need removal.

( eco-gel ) Removal - $15 | Call Ahead

This is only for gel or shellac polish. We can not remove the following: solar, gel overlay acrylic, or dip from your nails.

Nail Style French - $10 | Call Ahead

The classic french manicure consists of a white tip with a sheer pink base.

Nail Art - $15 | Call Ahead

A creative way to enhance or personalize your nails.

Reflexology - $20 | Call Ahead

Reflexology helps induce deep relaxation and provides a sense of groundedness.

Stone Sampler- $10 | In Spa

The Hot Stone Sampler adds hot stones to either the Manicure or Pedicure. This popular add-on can be incorporated into the massage portion of the service without requiring any additional time.

Anti-aging Hand Treatment- $15 | In Spa

Your therapist will treat 1-2 target areas with our Knot Bot percussion therapy device to quickly relieve stubborn tension.

The Knot Today ( CBD oil ) - $10 | In Spa

Enhance your service with the use of Hiatus’ Knot Today organic, THC Free, 100mg PureForm CBD(™) massage oil derived from citrus; to attain a deeper level of relaxation and soothe inflammation of the joints.


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