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April Monthly Retreat. Do good. Feel great.

April 2012EARTH MONTH RETREAT Celebrate Earth Month with our waterless full-body experience. In keeping with our goal of helping to conserve the world’s most precious resource, we are offering a skin-quenching retreat using virtually no water. Begin with an invigorating full body exfoliation using dry skin brushes to buff away impurities and expose a youthful …

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March Monthly Retreat: Spring Awakening

March 2012 SPRING AWAKENING First, a dry exfoliation helps you shed dry, chapped skin so you feel polished and perfected. Then you are wrapped in a Detoxifying Herbal Masque infused with the blissful scents of Organic Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary and Marjoram. While you are nestled in your warm cocoon of aromatic bliss, you’ll experience an …

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February Monthly Retreat: Honey, honey!

February 2012 HONEY, HONEY Treat yourself to something sweet! February’s delectable retreat begins with a head to toe drizzle of warm Local Honey infused with essences of Honeysuckle and Orange Blossom. You’ll be sprinkled with an exfoliating medley of Honeysuckle Flowers and Organic Brown Sugar to buff away your winter worn layers. Fragrant steam will …

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January Monthly Retreat

January 2012 SANITAS PER AQUA Experience an intensely transformative full-body rejuvenation harnessing the healing qualities of water and pure plant essences. Your journey begins with a purifying foot treatment concocted of Dead Sea Salt, Anise and Clove to draw last year’s tension and toxins from your body. A warm infusion of Olive and Sesame Oils …

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