Fall/Winter Retreat: Anima

We invite you to bundle up for the season’s change with a comforting Retreat featuring Hiatus’ Sunday Collection, which will bring some wood, earthy herbals, and a hint of sweet citrus to balance our fast-paced world, which can make us feel anxious and out-of-control. The Sunday Collection aims to ease a restless mind and remind us to slow down. The Anima retreat begins with a warming, aromatic foot soak ritual. The skin is refreshed and restored with a full-body gommage, followed by a luxurious massage using melted organic cocoa and shea butter. You will be embraced in a steam towel wrap while hot stones are applied for a neck and shoulder massage, which leads to a refreshing scalp treatment. This Retreat concludes with an Earl Grey Hot Toddy.

Call to book:

Austin: +1 (512) 362-5777

Dallas Inwood Village:  +1 (214) 352-4111

Dallas The Hill:  +1 (214) 361-1200

Fort Worth:  +1 (817) 984-2200

Frisco:  +1 (469) 582-2200

Plano: +1 (972) 836-0500

San Antonio:  +1 (210) 202-3355

Houston: +1 (713) 470-0990

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