The 411 on Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning FAQs

By: Jenny Little, Skincare Experience Manager at Hiatus Spa + Retreat
Updated March 1, 2023

Ahhhhhh has to be one of my favorite game-changing skincare services!

Think of Dermaplaning as a non-invasive exfoliating treatment. You are removing what is known as vellus hair aka peach fuzz. Also, you can remove up to 3 WEEKS of dead skin cells. We know as we age this cell turnover slows down, causing more and more build-up and less bright skin! Removing the peach fuzz and dead skin also helps your at-home products penetrate deeper and work more effectively. So this service is a must to keep your skin glowy!

Before we continue, we need to clear up an ugly rumor that has been going around about how Dermaplaning can cause your hair to grow back darker and more coarse. This is simply FALSE. The only time hair can change texture or color is with hormonal changes. For example, when we go through menopause hair can change color and texture. 

Getting a Dermaplaning service alongside a peel or even a Hydrafacial is my favorite combo by far. We have removed all of that dead skin therefore the products penetrate so much deeper and the results are stunning! I once heard a Hydrafacial rep call this combo the “glass slipper”! 

Let’s dive into the difference in blades because here is where things get interesting. We have all seen the at-home blades for sale EVERYWHERE! Here’s the tea, not all blades are created equally. Here at Hiatus, we get the pleasure of using SkinCeuticals as a product line. Skinceuticals even makes their own dermaplaning blades. YAH! This is a company that has spent so much money and decades of research and clinical trials to make some of the best-selling skincare on the market. All in all, ensure you see an Esthetician to receive this service vs going the at-home route. 

People who should not get Dermaplanining done are people who have cystic acne, cold sores, and generally women who have PCOS. 

One important reminder is to ALWAYS wear your sunscreen! You should be wearing it daily as is but when undergoing additional services like Dermaplaning or Chemical Peels it is imperative that you protect your newly glowing skin!

You can add this service to just about any facial at Hiatus. Try the “glass slipper” combo with a HydraFacial! See you in spa soon!

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