Monthly Retreats & Specials

March Monthly Retreat: Clover

March: Clover Feel lucky with our March Retreat – Clover. A cool, refreshing body polish of Fir, Lemon Verbena and Sweet Orange combine with Rosemary Powder to perfectly compliment the early Spring season. An invigorating rinse under the Vichy with intermittent cool splashes is followed by a drizzle of herbal hydrating body oil. You are …

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February Monthly Retreat: Ambrosia

February : Ambrosia The Nectar of the Gods inspired our February’s seductive Monthly Retreat – Ambrosia.  After a full body exfoliation ritual, your skin is treated with a nourishing mask of Rose Powder, Geranium, and sweet Tangerine essences. Once the gentle rain of the Vichy comes to a close, a light treatment of herbal moisturizing …

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January Monthly Retreat: Prelude

January: Prelude Begin 2019 with the purifying power of Sage and start the new year with renewed intention. A warmed polish of Dead Sea Salt is blended with essences of uplifting Lemongrass, sweet Grapefruit and grounding Vetiver and Ylang Ylang to gently remove last year’s layers. A steamy blanket of Sage cleanses the body and …

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December Monthly Retreat: Solstice

December: Solstice Escape to the peaceful tranquility of the forest with our uplifting December Retreat. Pure essences of Red Spruce, Northern White Cedar and Eastern Hemlock blend in a gentle body polish to recreate a nostalgic serenity of the woods. A warm Vichy rainfall, soothing massage and frozen blackberry gin fizz are sure relieve Holiday …

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