Fort Worth Body

Let us help you detoxify, exfoliate, hydrate and awaken your skin with our specialty body treatments using a variety of techniques, essential oils, and our hydrotherapy room.


An H-Circle Essential Service

In this hydrating wrap you’ll be exfoliated, smoothed, softened and then wrapped in warm layers. A restorative scalp and foot massage balances the whole body. Choice of warming or cooling ingredients.

60 Minutes
$125 | $79 H-Circle


Try Something New Every Season!

This cult favorite features hand-picked seasonal ingredients incorporated into every step. An aromatic mash-up of a body treatment with massage and a delectable hand-crafted cocktail from our spa-tender means you’ll be totally in the moment from start to finish. Check out our latest Epic Retreat here.


An H-Circle Essential Service

Want to look lit from within? In this 40-minute full-body renewal, the entire body is polished with essential oils and dead sea salts to invigorate and cleanse, followed by a rejuvenating rainfall Vichy shower in our hydrotherapy suite.

Make It Yours

Elevate your experience with these upgrades to customize your journey and truly Make It Yours!

In Spa: Grab a Scoop Card at check-in to select your upgrade and notate your preferences

Call Ahead: Give us a ring prior to your service as additional time is needed for this upgrade

Energizing Scalp Massage - $ 10 | In Spa

Restore the senses with this Energizing Scalp Treatment. This add-on is a perfect antidote for headaches, migraines, sinus pressure, and dry scalp. Aveda Cooling Composition Oil with peppermint and blue chamomile is applied to the scalp using a variety of massage techniques. An active, tingly sensation will be felt before a hot steam towel wrap is applied to the scalp.

Extremity Remedy - $10 | In Spa

Your therapist will spend some extra time and attention on your hands and/or feet.

Stone Sampler - $10 | In Spa

The Hot Stone Sampler adds hot stones to a focus area, using 5-6 stones. Hot Stone Therapy is an excellent way to combat stubborn tension if your guest is pressure-sensitive, but hot stones are especially effective when combined with deep tissue techniques. The Stone Sampler is a great add-on for the guest who would benefit from hot stone therapy but only need a target area addressed. This add-on is popular in massage and body services but can be incorporated into a skincare or nail treatment.

Anti-aging Hand Treatment - $15 | In Spa

Resurface And Brighten Dull And Lackluster Hands With The Anti-Aging Hand Treatment. Starting with a combo of a scrub and gel peel to exfoliate. Followed By An Application Of A Hydrating Moisturizer and Balm. After Just One Treatment, Skin Is Radiant And Refreshed, Visibly Hydrated.

Reflexology - $20 | Call Ahead

Reflexology helps induce deep relaxation and provides a sense of groundedness.

Percussion Therapy ( Knot Bot ) - $10 | In Spa

Your therapist will treat 1-2 target areas with our Knot Bot percussion therapy device to quickly relieve stubborn tension.

The Knot Today ( CBD oil ) - $10 | In Spa

Enhance your service with the use of Hiatus’ Knot Today organic, THC Free, 100mg PureForm CBD(™) massage oil derived from citrus; to attain a deeper level of relaxation and soothe inflammation of the joints.

Cupping Sampler - $20 | Call Ahead

Add some decompression to your session with this time-tested method of loosening fascia and tight muscles through the use of suction with silicone cups applied to a focus area. Increased circulation and stimulation of the lymphatic system also helps the body rid itself of toxins and inflammation.

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