Summer Must Have, Hydropeptide CyroGlobes

Your New Summer Must Have, Hydropeptides CryoGlobes

By: Jenny Little, Skincare Experience Manager at Hiatus Spa + Retreat

Let’s face it, temperatures all over the country are soaring. See what I did there, let’s face it!
One of the coolest trends in skincare for summer are CryoGlobes. These icy cold globes are a must have in every summer skincare regimen. Ice Globes or Face Cryotherapy can be made out of a variety of materials. Glass is often used but not our favorite, they are pretty but are super easy to drop and break. My favorite CryoGlobes are made by Hydropeptide, they are stainless steel, so no need to worry about shattering!

The Benefits:

Let’s get into the benefits of CryoGlobes because there are so many beyond them just feeling great!
– CryoGlobes can be used to soothe red irritated skin, decrease inflammation, and help with the appearance of large pores.
– Using Cryolobes can also help stimulate facial nerves which can tighten your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles! I mean who doesnt love that!
– Using cold therapy is also fantastic in helping with acne redness and inflammation.
– Seasonal allergy sufferers will love these icy gems as well; they can be great for relieving sinus pressure.
– Another use for CryoGlobes is in your weekly face masking sesh you can glide the cyro globes over the top of the mask. They are great over a sheet mask!
– Have a break out?! Hold your CryoGlobes over the break out for a 1 or 2 and then apply your favorite zit cream!

How to Incorporate into your Routine:
Ok so now for the good stuff! How to incorporate all this icy goodness into your home care routine.
My favorite time to use the globes is in the morning to really help center myself in a moment of zen and also depuff my skin from maybe too many cocktails the night before! Apply a light face oil, my favorite is Moisture Reset from Hydropeptide and gently glide the CryoGlobes across the skin in simple strokes and small circular motions. Remember to always drag out and down! I love to hold the CryoGlobes gently against my eyelids to help with depuffing!

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Hydropeptide CryoGlobes
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