October Monthly Retreat: Plum Crazy

October: Plum Crazy

An exfoliating mask of fresh Plum and Violet essence gently renews and nourishes the skin. A refreshing rinse under the Vichy gives way to a deeply relaxing massage as the sedative aromas of Frankincense, Elemi and Angelica Flower inspire inner peace, followed by a Sake Plum Wine Martini.

Call to book:

Austin: +1 (512) 362-5777

Dallas:  +1 (214) 352-4111

Fort Worth – NOW OPEN! Body Treatments are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Plano: +1 (972) 836-0500

San Antonio:  +1 (210) 202-3355

Houston: +1 (713) 470-0990

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