January Product-of-the-Month: NuFace

The biggest complaint our estheticians hear in the spa is aging skin. Everyone is searching for the fountain of youth that will transform the years of facial wear and tear (years, albeit, that have made us wiser and stronger) to a fresher, not-so-saggy version of themselves.Aging skin, anti-aging facial, facial, new skin, toning skin, facelift

Our January Product of the Month, NuFace, uses cutting edge technology to do just that. This at-home hand-held device can rejuvenate your face’s appearance by toning and reducing facial lines using microcurrent technology.The non-surgical, non-abrasive “5-Minute Face Lift” is one of the latest innovations in the anti-aging industry.

NewBeauty Magazine states “Relying on microcurrent technology, this dual-pronged tool dramatically lifts and tones underlying muscles of the face, especially the cheeks, above the brows and the jawline, so that you look younger, fresher and better in as little as five minutes.”

So if achieving a flawless, beautifully toned face is on your achievements list for 2015, stop by Hiatus to pick up your NuFace. While you are here, book yourself the Best Facial Ever, an 80-minute facial that includes a NuFace application. Discover toned, lofted and more youthful skin in just one treatment!


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