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March Monthly Retreat: Absinthe-Minded


Experience the Green Fairy like never before. The slow, warm trickle of the Vichy shower pours over crushed sugar cubes as your skin is polished to glowing satin. A hydrating masque of powdered Wormwood and essences of Green Anise and Sweet Fennel fill the air with their magical aroma. The full intensity of the Vichy’s rain restores your senses, followed by a light sprinkle of moisture infused with Angelica and Emeli.  Finally, delight your senses with the hand-crafted Absinthe-Minded cocktail, created exclusively for Hiatus by Austin’s Josh Loving of Jeffrey’s fame. 

All Monthly Retreats are 80 minutes in length, $195.  (H-Circle Platinum: $118; Gold $128)

Please call the spa to schedule your Monthly Retreat; Austin 512.362.5777 and Dallas 214.352.4111.


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