January Monthly Retreat – Soifua

We invite you to welcome the New Year with tranquility and peace of mind with ‘Soifua’ meaning ‘May You Live!’ and spoken during the traditional Kava ceremonies in Samoa to mark special occasions. Kava Kava root has been celebrated for centuries for its sedative properties, and is featured together with the comforting essences of frankincense, sandalwood, and ginger root in a full-body mask, accompanying exfoliation and a hypnotic massage under the soothing Vichy rain, followed by a warm cup of Kava Kava tea.

All Monthly Retreats are 80 minutes in length, $195.  (H-Circle Platinum: $118; Gold $128)

Please call the spa to schedule your Monthly Retreat; Austin 512.362.5777 and Dallas 214.352.4111.

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