September Monthly Retreat- Cafe au Chocolat

September 2012              
CAFE AU CHOCOLAT                                                                                          

Does the daily grind have you feeling less than perky? Enliven your senses (and skin) with a double shot of organic coffee! A full-body exfoliation with freshly ground coffee beans, raw chocolate and organic sugar will wake up tired and dull skin, leaving you noticeably smoother, firmer and more toned. Then you are balanced with a massage using organic cocoa butter infused with cinnamon and vanilla to banish anxiety and tension. A revitalizing Green Science Eye Lift refreshes your face, so you look as lively as you feel. Your awakening ends with an Iced Kahlua and Coffee.

H-Circle Founding-$108 | Platinum-$118  |  Gold-$128  | Non-members $195

Reserve your appointment now: Austin | 512.362.5777 and Dallas | 214.352.4111

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