June Monthly Retreat

June  2012


Cool off while enjoying the refreshing flavors of summer with this deliciously rich experience. Organic Dark Chocolate, Sugar Cane and Vanilla are blended to create a caffeinated, firming scrub with a heavy dose of antioxidants to combat sun damage. As a cooling splash under the Vichy shower rinses away impurities, your skin is left silky smooth and glowing. Next you’ll feel a warm drizzle of Organic White Chocolate laced with Mint as it is lavishly massaged into your body, leaving a nuanced aroma of decadent Cocoa and cooling Peppermint to keep you refreshed and hydrated throughout your day. A light and breezy Grasshopper cocktail awaits you after your service.

H-Circle Founding-$108 | Platinum-$118  |  Gold-$128  | Non-members $160

Reserve your appointment now: Austin | 512.362.5777 and Dallas | 214.352.4111

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