Microneedling: Before & After Treatment

Just scheduled Microneedling, what do I do next?!

By: Hiatus Spa + Retreat

We are obsessed with Microneedling. To help maximize your service follow these simple steps below for glowing skin.

Day Of Treatment
• Liberally apply Lift HG or Rescue Calming Complex
• SkinPen Biocellulous Masque can be applied immediately after and throughout the healing process as needed
Day 1 Post Treatment
• Continue use of Lift HG orRescue Calming Complex
• Add a gentle cleanser back into your routine
• Add SPF back into your routine
Day 2 Post Treatment
• Add Vitamin C serum back into your routine
• Add moisturizer back into your routine
Day 3 Post Treatment
• Add retinol and active acids back into your routine
• No active activity, working out, saunas, hot showers, etc.
• Use only filtered, distilled or bottled water to wash your face the first day post treatment
• Use gentle cleansers the first 3 days post treatment
• Use a fresh, clean pillowcase

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