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H-Circle Summer Retreat

Spa specials in Austin and Dallas this summer





This summer, escape the sweltering heat with a cool retreat to Hiatus!

The $249 summertime membership packages includes three Essential
Services, a waived initiation fee and a $50 credit to be used towards
products or service upgrades. If that is not enough relaxation for
you, come in more than once a month and receive membership pricing
through August 31. Purchase here or stop by the spa. No initiation fee,
no contact to sign, no stress, just a summer full of relaxation. Isn’t that
what summer is supposed to be all about?
Each month throughout the summer choose from one of our H-Circle services:


HIATUS MASSAGE: This essential 50-minute treatment combines Swedish
massage techniques and customized aromatherapy to relax muscles,
improve circulation, increase range of motion and stimulate the skin
and nervous system.

HIATUS FACIAL: During the essential 50-minute Hiatus Facial our
licensed Esthetician will carefully analyze your skin, paying
particular attention to imbalances and seasonal changes, while
integrating aromatherapy, aromatic steam, lymphatic massage and
acupressure techniques.

REVITALIZING BODY WRAP: This seasonal 50-minute hydrating wrap
incorporates exfoliation, massage using shea and coco butter, a warm
layered wrap, a restorative scalp and a foot massage to balance the
whole body.

MANI-PEDI RETREAT: The Hiatus nail therapy duo elevates the mani-pedi
experience with a warm neck wrap, soft blanket and zero-gravity chair,
helping you melt away during the hand and foot massage, and awaken to
expertly polished fingers and toes.

ACUPUNCTURE: A deeply relaxing acupuncture session helps restore
essential blood circulation to organs and tissues which kick-starts
the body’s natural healing and balancing abilities.

Available in the spa or purchase here.

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