FOREO Luna Fofo


Key Features:

  • Measures skin moisture index with dual sensors
  • Analyzes skin diagnostics using real-time data
  • Reveals true skin age & skin type
  • Creates & syncs customized cleansing routine
  • App records progress to share via social media
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Using advanced skin sensors and Bluetooth technology, LUNA fofo knows exactly what your skin needs at all times, so you can get the most out of every cleanse. Offering the most intelligent solution to on-the-go skincare, LUNA fofo analyzes the skin condition and moisture level in each zone of the face to create a personalized skin profile that is sent straight to the FOREO app. Take the quiz to determine your skin type and age, and enjoy a customized cleansing routine that automatically syncs with the device! Keep your skin glowing with LUNA fofo as it tracks overall skin health, provides insights to keep skin hydrated, and gently yet effectively cleanses skin with T-Sonic pulsations.


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