Plano Body Services

Let us help you detoxify, exfoliate, hydrate and awaken your skin with our specialty body treatments using a variety of techniques, essential oils, and our hydrotherapy room.


An H-Circle Essential Service

In this hydrating wrap you’ll be exfoliated, smoothed, softened and then wrapped in warm layers. A restorative scalp and foot massage balances the whole body. Choice of warming or cooling ingredients.

60 Minutes
$120 | $79 H-Circle


Try Something New Every Season!

This cult favorite features hand-picked seasonal ingredients incorporated into every step. An aromatic mash-up of a body treatment with massage and a delectable hand-crafted cocktail from our spa-tender means you’ll be totally in the moment from start to finish. Check out our latest Epic Retreat here.

Make It Yours

Elevate your experience with these upgrades to customize your journey and truly Make It Yours!

In Spa: Grab a Scoop Card at check-in to select your upgrade and notate your preferences

Call Ahead: Give us a ring prior to your service as additional time is needed for this upgrade

Energizing Scalp Massage - $ 10 | In Spa

Restore the senses with this Energizing Scalp Treatment. This add-on is a perfect antidote for headaches, migraines, sinus pressure, and dry scalp. Aveda Cooling Composition Oil with peppermint and blue chamomile is applied to the scalp using a variety of massage techniques. An active, tingly sensation will be felt before a hot steam towel wrap is applied to the scalp.

Extremity Remedy - $10 | In Spa

Your therapist will spend some extra time and attention on your hands and/or feet.

Stone Sampler - $10 | In Spa

The Hot Stone Sampler adds hot stones to a focus area, using 5-6 stones. Hot Stone Therapy is an excellent way to combat stubborn tension if your guest is pressure-sensitive, but hot stones are especially effective when combined with deep tissue techniques. The Stone Sampler is a great add-on for the guest who would benefit from hot stone therapy but only need a target area addressed. This add-on is popular in massage and body services but can be incorporated into a skincare or nail treatment.

Anti-aging Hand Treatment - $15 | In Spa

Resurface And Brighten Dull And Lackluster Hands With The Anti-Aging Hand Treatment. Starting with a combo of a scrub and gel peel to exfoliate. Followed By An Application Of A Hydrating Moisturizer and Balm. After Just One Treatment, Skin Is Radiant And Refreshed, Visibly Hydrated.

Reflexology - $20 | Call Ahead

Reflexology helps induce deep relaxation and provides a sense of groundedness.

Percussion Therapy ( Knot Bot ) - $10 | In Spa

Your therapist will treat 1-2 target areas with our Knot Bot percussion therapy device to quickly relieve stubborn tension.

The Knot Today ( CBD oil ) - $10 | In Spa

Enhance your service with the use of Hiatus’ Knot Today organic, THC Free, 100mg PureForm CBD(™) massage oil derived from citrus; to attain a deeper level of relaxation and soothe inflammation of the joints.

Cupping Sampler - $20 | Call Ahead

Add some decompression to your session with this time-tested method of loosening fascia and tight muscles through the use of suction with silicone cups applied to a focus area. Increased circulation and stimulation of the lymphatic system also helps the body rid itself of toxins and inflammation.

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