Zenoti Migration FAQ's

Hiatus Day Spa • Med Spa is thrilled to announce that we are transitioning to a new software system, Zenoti!
Austin & both San Antonio locations will go live on Monday, June 17th.
Remaining locations will go live on Monday, July 1st.

How do I create a new login so I can book online?
Please click Here and use the same email to login. A new password will need to be established so please select Forget Password. See a step by step walk through Here!

Are my appointments going to move over?
All appointments scheduled will move to our new software system. Please feel free to do a double check!

What happened to my Gift Cards?
Gift Cards will remain valid and transition over. 

What happened to my Account Balance?
Account balances will be reflected as a gift card on your account. 

I bought a package, will that still be active?
Package will be intact and available to use.

Will I have to complete new forms?
Some forms will need to be updated, but the process in the new software is seamless and integrated.

Will I have record of my appointments and purchase history?
Yes, all history from 2 years will be transferred over. 

I am a Member, are my credits moving over?
Yes, all eligible credits will move over and be ready for you to use!

I am a Member, will this impact my monthly billing?
This will not impact or change your monthly billing. If you updated your credit card recently, it may need to be updated again. You may do this the next time you are in spa or you call your home retreat to update immediately.

I want to purchase a gift card or a package, how can I do that?
Please visit Here!

I still have questions not listed above, who do I contact?
Please complete the form Here and our team will be in touch.


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