March Monthly Retreat: Absinthe Minded

Announcing our March Monthly Retreat:

Absinthe Minded
The Green Fairy, like never before. The Vichy shower pours over crushed sugar cubes as your skin is polished to glowing satin. A hydrating mask of powdered Wormwood and essences of Green Anise and Sweet Fennel fill the air. The full intensity of the Vichy’s rain restores your senses, followed by a light sprinkle of moisture infused with Angelica and Elemi, and the signature Absinth-Minded cocktail from Austin’s own Josh Loving at Small Victory.

Call to book:

Austin: +1 (512) 362-5777

Dallas:  +1 (214) 352-4111

Plano: +1 (972) 836-0500

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