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Book 4 Fire Cupping Sessions and Get the 5th Free

micheal phelps cuppingAmerican swimmer Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time, but last week the world’s attention was on not only his performance in the pool, but also the mysterious circular bruises lining his shoulders and back. It seems the world is now reading up about cupping because of them.

Here at Hiatus, we take the therapy back to its origins and utilize the traditional Chinese form called fire cupping. Fire cupping delivers serious pain relief for those with tension in the neck, shoulders and back. A vacuum is created inside a glass cup using a flame then the cup is placed on the back over essential oils. The cups are moved alongside the spine, drawing up the skin to open up pores, stimulate blood circulation, balance energy and draw toxins out of the body.

Fire cupping is a great add-on to acupuncture for those who want an even deeper relaxation on top of their healing or is offered a la carte. Our Austin-based licensed acupuncturist Caroline Chen has been practicing for more than a decade and has seen remarkable results with fire cupping for neck, shoulder, and back pain and strain. To help ease you into your cupping regimen, book four fire cupping sessions and get a fifth free now through October 31.


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  • Photo courtesy of  Bali Wick Express
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