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Spa forward for charity: water


Spa Forward for charity: water this April!

Today 663 million people do not have access to one of life’s most basic needs, water. That is more than half-a-billion people who struggle every day just to find water. Women and children might walk up to four hours a day to collect dirty water.  Drinking dirty water results in the death of 1,400 children EVERYDAY from diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation conditions.

Hiatus is dedicating Earth Month to raise $10,000 for charity: water. This money will build a well to provide clean drinking water for 350 people. We have several ways you can help us with our fundraising efforts:

  • Enjoy a specially priced $75 Spa for charity: water Essential Service and Hiatus will donate $10 to the fundraiser. Services include Hiatus Massage, Hiatus Facial, Revitalizing Body Wrap, Acupuncture, Mani-Pedi Retreat, and the Body Glow.
  • Ready to schedule your charity: water service – Book Here. 
  • Want to spa forward and use your service later?  Buy Now and use anytime in the next six months.
  • Buy a Raffle Ticket in spa and win a customize spa service like a 90-minute Lomi, Lomi Hot Stone Massage in Dallas, a Crushed Cherry Body Glow in Plano or a Deep Tissue with Bamboo Massage in Austin. 
  • Donate $25 directly to the campaign on our fundraising page and be entered to win a 6-month membership at your local Hiatus.*

Like watering a withering plant, when a community gains access to clean water it begins thriving. Health improves, which decreases medical expenses. Girls get more time in school and women have the chance to grow food or earn an income which increases equality.

charity: water donates 100 percent of all public donations to fund water project costs. Every project uses photos and GPS coordination on Google Maps to follow the project. charity: water has funded more than 16,000 water projects in 24 countries, bringing clean water to 5.2 million people.

Water changes everything. This April let’s make a difference.  


*winners will be notified by email or facebook.  Prizes awarded at completion of fundraising campaign on June 30, 2016.  Three H-Circle Membership prizes awarded when fundraising goal is met.  If not achieved, Hiatus reserves the right to award one membership.

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