September’s Product of the Month: Stress Fix

September does not necessarily mean cooler weather in Texas, but it does mean it is back-to-school season. Leisurely mornings and fun afternoons are replaced with alarm clocks, carpooling, late-night projects, sports, screeching instrument practice, driving, last minute trips to the store and more projects.

Stress Fix lotion, relax, stress, massage, AvedaWhoa, that is one heck of a transition. Don’t let all the back to school stress get you down. Aveda’s Stress Fix line is designed to create calm when life gets hectic. The Stress Fix body lotion, body crème, concentrate and soaking salts are infused with French Lavender, Lavandin and Clary Sage, which has been clinically proven to relieve feelings of stress.

Feeling overwhelmed? Apply the Stress Fix body lotion, body crème or concentrate to your hands or wrists, hold them up to your nose and take a few deep breaths. Or draw a warm bath, add two large scoops of the Stress Fix soaking salts and soak for 20 minutes.

For a more intense relaxation experience, book a Stress Fix massage at Hiatus. A Stress Fix massage combines Swedish massage techniques, Deep Tissue massage techniques, acupressure, reflexology and the Stress Fix aroma for a truly relaxing experience.

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