November Monthly Retreat: Northern Exposure

Body Treatment Mask Spa Austin Breathe deep and enjoy the crisp refreshment of northern mountain air. Your escape begins with a clay masque of deeply penetrating camphor, eucalyptus and cedar to increase circulation, open the lungs and warm your heart. Then an invigorating steam with the cooling aromas Juniper, Sage and Douglas Fir envelops your body and fills your lungs. A series of stretches under the warmth of the Vichy shower brings you back to your senses.  A Sage-Mint Gimlet concludes your aromatic experience.

All Monthly Retreats are 80 minutes in length, $195.  (H-Circle Platinum: $118; Gold $128)

Please call the spa to schedule your Monthly Retreat; Austin 512.362.5777 and Dallas 214.352.4111.

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