April Monthly Retreat: Earth’s Embrace

Embrace the EarthApril’s delectable Monthly Retreat celebrates Earth’s riches in a luxurious, skin-quenching experience while conserving water in honor of Earth Month. You’ll begin with a gentle dry brush exfoliation to smooth and tone your skin. A blend of melted Cocoa and Shea Butters infused with a comforting blend of madagascar, vanilla, cinnamon and ylang yang is spread over you with warm volcanic stones in a full body massage. As the gentle heat of the stones fades, they are perfectly placed within the layers of a nurturing wrap so you’ll feel cradled in their warm embrace. A reflexology session deepens your relaxation until you are awakened with an energizing cool stone facial massage. You’ll conclude with a rhum agricole ti punch cocktail, luminous skin and the knowledge that your service has contributed funds to local Clean Water Initiatives at Gulf Restoration Network and Lower Mississippi River Keeper.  80 minutes.

H-Circle Founding – $108 | Platinum – $118 | Gold – $128 

Non-members $195

Please call to reserve your appointment; available through April 30, 2013.

Austin 512.362.5777 | Dallas 214.352.4111

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