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January Monthly Retreat: Sanitas Per Aquam

We pay homage to the healing qualities of water in the January Monthly Retreat. This renewing journey begins with a purifying blend of warm olive and sesame oils drizzled over the skin, providing all-over nourishment. Feet are scrubbed in a blend of sesame oil, Dead Sea Salt and purifying essences of anise, clove bud and fennel, and then wrapped in warm aromatic towels. Under the invigorating vichy shower, the blend of massage strokes and endless rainfall is heavily stimulating to the nerves, increasing body awareness and overall balance. As the massage continues, the effect transforms into a deep sedation and calm.  A steady stream of warm organic essences of orange, bergamot and ylang ylang is gently poured over the Third Eye Chakra, helping clear the mind through visualization of stress being washed away. Chilled compresses infused with uplifting essences of organic lemon, geranium and eucalyptus finish the service and gently bring one back to consciousness. A glass of pure, citrus infused water completes the experience. Here’s to a healthy new year!

H-Circle Founding – $108 | Platinum-$118  |  Gold-$128  | Non-members $195

Reserve your appointment, January 2 through the 31st: Austin | 512.362.5777 and Dallas | 214.352.4111

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